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About Bill

I focus on helping companies reach their full potential with over 30 years of successful Executive Management experience backing me. I train other executives in the art of hiring and retaining the best people, creating a dynamic work culture/customer experience, and utilizing high-performing management strategies to create and sustain highly profitable companies. My “hands-on” career experience gives me the ability to accurately calculate the “culture value” of a company.


I’ve led two different start-ups and guided a severely troubled 20-year-old company. I’ve perfected the art of growing profitability through an engaged culture, renowned customer service and streamlined workflow. My greatest passion is teaching others how to use these methods and strategies to achieve their own success. I design custom analytics to give companies significant insights above and beyond what is

routinely available to competitors.



  • Served as CEO of troubled P&C insurance carrier worth $8 million and orchestrated a sale for $14 million

  • Served as COO and President of P&C insurance carrier start-up that was originally worth $2 million and sold for $34 million

  • Served as Executive VP of P&C insurance carrier start-up that was originally worth $2 million and sold for $60 million

  • Active partner in leading Nashville-based Latino independent insurance agency, growing premiums from $400,000 annually to $5.2 million during tenure


Areas of Expertise

  • Creating industry-leading corporate cultures

  • Designing state of the art processing systems

  • Increasing process speeds by an average of 50-75%

  • Product development

  • Senior and middle management training and development

  • Driving profitability of start-up companies

  • Turning around bankrupt and troubled companies


Bill Wheeler Consulting Practice

My consulting practice pulls from my long history of leading two startups and one financially troubled company. Being the leader of a startup, I was required to wear many hats, and as such, I was required to create departments and processes throughout the company. This experience has given me the ability to know what works and also, what doesn’t work, when dealing with all of the organizational complexities of the company.


Some of my main areas of Operational Consulting deal with:

  • Culture Creation – without an extremely sound company culture, it will never be possible for an organization to realize their true level of profitability. A supremely strong culture has an extremely positive effect on a company’s expenses.

  • Processing – there is always a faster, more efficient way to do everything. Without a strong review of every process in the organization, followed by the implementation of time and quality improvements, followed by continual review/implementation projects, an organization falls behind extremely rapidly.

  • Analytics – what company specific analytics are being used, in addition to typical industry standard analytics, to determine the true performance of the organization?

  • Management Training – what types of formal/informal training are present in the organization? What are the changes that have occurred in the organization from prior training efforts?

  • Sales – what is the product/service being sold? Which area of dominance is being sought (Price/Product Quality/Service)? What are the metrics being used to analyze successful achievement in sales? What types of CRM are being used? What do your customers think of your product/service?


These are just a few of the hundreds of questions that will be answered in an Operational dive into a company. My goal is to flesh out all of these questions, construct answers and then help the company monitor their results as months and years go by.


My contact info is:


Bill Wheeler


Cell 615-476-9366

Soulful Leadership Webinar Marketing

“You don’t need to know what to do when things go back to normal.

You need to know what to do NOW, because the old normal isn't coming back.”

As a business leader, you're currently facing the biggest challenge of your career. The old "normal" is gone. Your employees will never be quite the same and they'll look at things differently moving forward.


Just as the Great Depression changed the behavior and expectations of an entire generation, COVID-19 has begun changing the expectations of your customers and employees.


You have to change your methods of leading and conducting business in order to meet your customers' and employees' changing expectations.


Thankfully, there are practices and ideologies, put to use during times of war and other calamities, that have proven to be successful over the centuries. These practices and ideologies, if adopted now, will give you a fighting chance to bring your company through COVID-19 as a bettermore profitable, and innovative company.


We're experts at teaching leaders how to put these practices in place to start transforming your company in the midst of a global crisis.


Contact Bill Wheeler at or Dr. William McVey at for more details on our Webinar series, that will teach you the practices and methods necessary to help you come back stronger after COVID-19.




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