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Based in Carlsbad, California

(CEO, Chief Data Officer (CDO) Technology and Cost Reduction Strategy Experience)

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About Dale

Dale works with financial leaders of companies to help monetize unused or underutilized data. He specializes in supplier/vendor data strategies and project management to implement accretive solutions.

Dale is the founder and CEO of a company that aggregates the supplier/ vendor data from invoices, contracts, data bases, printflow and outside proprietary and public databases. He then monetizes the data through creating Business Knowledge (beyond BI) data warehouses and vendor knowledge portals.


The outcomes from his work include:

  • Reduced costs by renegotiating leases, insurance contracts, supplier service agreements, parcel rates, etc.

  • Increased operational efficiencies in managing vendors, service level agreements, RFPs, eliminate sales pitches and agendas, etc.

  • Reduced risk (HIPAA, Personal Identified Information PII, etc.)

  • A 200-500% ROI with no upfront fees

Dale has a BA in English, Business and Communication from the University of Connecticut and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).




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