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(Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer Experience)

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About David

I am an business executive who has overseen projects instituting organizational change over the last twenty-six years. As a project manager I have created and implemented strategic plans for local governments, non-profit organizations and for-profit companies. I am a Change Agent.

• Business Owner and Operator – I have owned and managed Lupine Partners for the past twenty-six years. Because I have skin in the game, I have a unique ability to help my clients as I see initiatives and business strategy through the eyes of an owner and as an executive with all the accompanying motivations and stresses

• Public Speaker – I formed a CEO performance training and leadership company with Hollywood actress Kate Zenna five years ago. We help executives get more comfortable in front of a camera and on stage. Due to the training I received from Ms. Zenna, I can easily speak to people in a group of any size

• Make the Difficult Less Difficult – I can distill complicated topics down so an audience of many different experience levels will understand the concepts being discussed

• Author. I have authored or co-authored five books on a variety of business topics. From software evaluation to marketing to presenting on camera to financial literacy

• Critical Path. As a lifelong INTJ, I am able to visualize, and then communicate to Management, the steps necessary to take an initiative from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ – and can do so quickly

• Respect. I hold people in high regard. Period. Titles, income levels, awards, and credentials do not reveal the worth of a person nor determine how they should be treated.

Colleagues who know me say I cut through institutional Gordian knots. I diffuse stress with humor and am a strong cross-functional team leader.

David is a CPA, and was the Founder and President of a boutique technology consulting firm.    Founded in 1993, this firm provided software evaluation and implementation services to a wide base of real estate organizations across the United States. David is the author and/or contributing author of several books on technology and strategies for health, wealth and success.

Over David's career he has been involved in teaching information technology professionals how to provide more value to their employers through understanding the components of business operations and accounting.  In addition, David has taught technology professionals the fundamentals of business and the tactics of communicating with entrepreneurs so they can become trusted advisors. David also has a high degree of experience advising technology-phobic business owners and other professionals on the language of technology, how to leverage technology for higher profits, and the tactics for motivating and cultivating a technology team.

David has a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. teams.  David is also involved in international humanitarian efforts using his skills in communication and film-making.




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