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About Elroy

Elroy is a Senior Executive who drives innovation, spearheads change, encourages constant growth, and provides financial stability, in highly competitive industries with constantly fluctuating market conditions. As a COO, he has overseen all aspects of a multi-national global organization including Operations, Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR/Labour Relations and Information Technology. Elroy optimizes supply chain and plant operations including plan relocation. He builds effective teams comprised of motivated and loyal employees through trust, open communication, and a proven ability to understand individual motivations and drive team member’s career success.

  • Strategic Business Planning including mergers & acquisitions, restructuring, consolidations, and re-alignment.


  • Financial Management and Revenue Growth: Year-over-year revenue increase through astute financial management and oversight of auditor and bank relations, corporate negotiations, strategic capital planning, financial covenant compliance, financial consolidations and production of timely/accurate reports, analyses, and statements.


  • Leadership: Enjoyed virtually zero turnovers amongst a team of loyal and long-term staff encompassing 8 direct and 300 indirect reports. Drove a highly motivated workforce of union/non-union professionals to achieve profitability and production targets.


  • Business Process Improvement: Facilitated growth and positively positioned Monarch in a competitive market by leading teams to streamline business processes relating to Sales, Procurement and Production. Spearheaded efficiency/quality projects and ERP implementation.


  • Sales & Marketing: Drove R&D programs that enabled Monarch to lead world markets in the development of BPA-free plastic products for medical and home use. Worked closely with both Sales and Production to ensure that leading-edge products are available in alignment with sales targets and customer demand. Created new markets by using recycled plastics.

Background and History

Elroy has held several significant roles in his career, including: Chief Operating Officer (2012 to 2018) and VP Finance and Administration (2004 to 2012) at the Monarch Group. Prior to that, Elroy was the Operations Manager at Swissplas Ltd. - The Mehta Group from 1991 to 2004.

Elroy has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance, and a Master's degree in International Economics and Accounting from the University of Mumbai, and an MBA in Accounting and Finance from Southern New Hampshire University. Elroy is also a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE).

Elroy is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.




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