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Diversity Equity & Inclusion

ExecHQ Insights® Round Table Webinar: “I am Not a Racist!” – Leading Diversity

Diversity Equity & Inclusion

ExecHQ Insights® Round Table Webinar for CEOs, Business Owners, Leaders (Military & Civilian), Board Members and Other Executives.

Facilitator: Colonel John Boggs, U.S. Marine Corps (Ret.) and ExecHQ Principal, is an authority on Executive Leadership Development, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Gender Integration. He is a Strategist, Author, Accomplished Speaker, and Executive Transformational Leadership Coach.

Overview: Executives today have the unenviable responsibility of leading their organizations through the greatest pandemic in 100 years. Adding to the degree of difficulty, executives are leading a growing diverse workforce in an environment of heightened social awareness. Most executives want and know they need to do something. What to do and how to do it is the issue.

This webinar is a short discussion on the “what and how.” It starts with the understanding—“I am not a racist and neither are you.”