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Chris Steely is the CEO, Founder and Managing Director of GPS Business Group, an Organizational Development and Management Consulting firm established in 2005, specializing in business development, strategic planning, team building, and results-oriented execution. Engaging decades of leadership and experience from various industries and serving global markets, Chris has a reputation for his ability to help growth-oriented businesses that want to increase their sales, profits, and cash flow, as well as develop focused performance optimization strategies.

Chris has been a professionally certified business coach and facilitator since 2003. He’s trained business coaches in 26 countries, worked with Fortune 500 and major business consulting companies, and has a reputation for his ability to help growth-oriented businesses develop focused strategies that work for them. Chris’ background includes international management consulting, business ownership, corporate vice president in the technology sector, extensive corporate business development, operations and project management, service as an active duty United States Marine Corps logistics officer, and NCAA national rowing championship and coach.

Chris’ company received The Facilitation Impacts Award (FIA) in 2020 for impact received with a private client. The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) honors excellence in corporate facilitation through The Facilitation Impact Awards (FIA), which honors organizations that have used facilitation to achieve a measurable and positive impact as well as the facilitator(s) who worked with them.

In the one and a half year I have had the pleasure and honor to know you I have been most impressed by three things in you. Any one working around you or with you gets an incredible positive energy. Even if the glass is more than half empty, you always seek the way for all to see that what it all means is increases opportunities. You bring a level of communication and specially trust that was not there before. Any question, any need, you were always there to assist and support. Any one I know that was exposed to you grew to a new level of motivation, knowledge, and performance.

Juan Floch, Ontario, Canada

Chris has shared the stage with numerous world-class presenters, facilitators, and business leaders, was featured in “GPS For Success: Goals and Proven Strategies,” and has authored several essays on business success and personal empowerment. He has worked with clients in diverse industries across the planet, delivering multi-day workshops and events. Chris has served with some of the world’s most esteemed leaders on global dialogue for social transformation and change.

Chris earned his MBA from Boston University, holds a Marketing undergrad from the University of Central Florida and a secondary diploma from Culver Military Academy. He’s received certifications in business coaching, professional facilitation, and Neurolinguistic Programming, and has trained countless professionals on the nuances of effective leadership and business success.

Chris’ personal mission is to positively influence others through open communication, empathetic understanding, idealism, and contagious commitment to success. He lives with his wife and Siberian Husky in San Diego, California.