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Gary is a seasoned business professional with deep multidisciplinary experience working across numerous industry sectors. He is an expert in global trade, international business and trade relations, and has been interviewed globally in broadcast and print media regarding global trade and trade policy. He has made appearances on China Global Television Network, NOS Dutch National Television, POTUS Radio (Sirius/XM), WBAL Radio and Baltimore and Washington Network Television.

He has been published in USA Today, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, The Hill, Investor’s Business Daily, Morning Consult and other local publications. Gary is the Founder and CEO of GAC Global Partners, offering Business Growth and Strategy Advisory Services and Executive, Leadership and Career Coaching. He is certified in 6 different assessments, holds the CPC credential with the International Coach Academy, the PCC credential with the International Coach Federation and one of 35 people globally to hold the ACP credential from 24×7 Assessments.

Gary has a fascinating set of experiences having navigated business, academia and consulting successfully. Over the years we collaborated on many projects and with each Gary brought his unique chemistry of positive energy, an eye for talent, a strategic outlook and the curiosity to find better ways to satisfy customers. His ability to ask the right question, to probe into the heart of the issue and to do this always with positive intent is a great skill. His business acumen and experience would be a great addition to any company board.

Peter Gibbons, Former C-Suite Executive of Fortune 250 Company

Gary is the creator of the CareerSurge Framework, a proprietary program focused on all aspects of leadership development and career growth. Gary has coached executives at SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. As a past corporate executive, Gary served as President and CEO of Botanical Solutions, a hemp and CBD processing company. Prior to this role, he held several senior executive and c-suite positions in his corporate career in the DIY sector of the CPG industry, with a focus on business growth and strategy, strategic global sourcing and international distribution.

Gary Cohen and I have worked together or known each other for over a decade. I have known him as a senior executive, as a Clinical Professor at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, and as a business partner. Gary’s exceptional emotional intelligence combined with his outstanding communications and analytical skills, make him the very best type of leaders: one who leads by example. We first interacted when Gary, as a Professor, led a team of MBA students on a consulting project for a company, on whose Board I served. He deftly led those students and set them up for success by keeping them focused on the long-term Client objectives and providing a structured process for how the MBA team could help us. He did not do their work for them, but he inspired them to do their very best work. Based on that experience, and Gary ‘s manifest abilities and temperament, I have recruited him multiple times to partner with me on business opportunities or to consult for organizations, where I was a senior executive. All of these situations were for high-stakes investment or partnering decisions. Gary’s management, strategic analysis and communication skills helped guide me and the organizations to make the correct decisions and how best to implement those decisions. I recommend Gary without reservations as a Board member and executive leader and am glad to be directly contacted on his behalf.

Michael Ward, C-Suite Executive

Gary served as president of two international distribution firms and executive vice president of a consumer products firm. He was also a Clinical Professor of International Business, Global Trade, Supply Chain Management and Marketing for the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland and served for four years as Associate Dean of the Business School.