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George spent the last 25+ years developing EdTech software platforms and turnkey development, implementation, training, and support organizations.  He has a laser focus on driving operational excellence and team improvement in fast-paced environments where quality, innovation, and scaling are table stakes to success.

George has leveraged a strong financial foundation to drive culture, strategy, technology engineering, operations, product & project management, professional services, and technical support for teams of 50 to 1,500, and has more than tripled company EdTech revenues from $30M to over $100M annually, generating $500M in profits during his tenure.

His agile teams have been spotlighted in the first chapter of Succeeding in Agile by Mike Cohn. Cited as world class based on internationally recognized productivity metrics and spotlighted in keynotes internationally at software quality events.  His products have won EdTech awards with education associations; District Administration, eSchool News, EdTech Digest and SIIA.

Often the smartest person in the room is not the loudest, it’s the quiet. This George. While not always quiet, George leads with practicality and thoroughness, and the ultimate goal to ensure that the tactical execution of the work at hand, directly coordinates to the business objectives of the organization to which he serves. George is a mentor, compassionate leader, customer advocate, diligent negotiator and friend. His impact on my life has been both professional as my mentor, my advisor as I’ve navigated my career in business, and my friend who stay up all night with me on the floor of a neurosurgery unit hallway while my wife, our colleague, lost her life. I cannot repay George for any of these valuable roles he has played in my life. He never served simply out of duty or responsibility, but out of love for me, for people, and the organization that is fortunate to have him on board. You won’t find another George Gatsis and I highly recommend him to any business that wants to innovate and grow.

George was the SVP of Technology Platforms at Follett School Solutions where he led Follett’s K12 Commercial EdTech division driving all aspects of the operation including Product Management, software development, implementation, and support of a portfolio of EdTech offerings including Student Information, Library Management, Asset Management, and Learning Platforms.  In this role he modernized platforms for the cloud, brought in agile methods, innovative machine learning capabilities, drove acquisitions & merges, right-sized operations, and increased revenues and profits year-over-year.

As the VP Strategic Planning, Partnerships, & Growth, George directed strategic planning at Follett School Solutions.  Prior to that George held CTO and VP roles at Pearson Data Solutions and the Follett Software Company, as well as, building commercial software for a startup.