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Jim Hoggatt is the Founder and CEO of ExecHQ® and a member of its Executive Team.

Jim has over 30 years of experience, which includes seven years at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, twelve years as the CFO for a large, publicly-traded education company, seven years as founder and CEO of a real estate development and residential construction company, and eight years as a full-time or consulting CFO for small to mid-tier companies in Phoenix and Kansas City.  

Industry experience includes real estate, construction, e-commerce, specialty services, advertising agencies, not-for-profits, manufacturing, educational institutions and services, executive CFO services, cyber-security, 3PLs, warehousing, and distribution.  

How We Help Our Clients:

​We help organizations of all sizes identify and fix complex business problems. Many organizations are now facing serious issues including:

  • Dealing with the effects of the Coronavirus on both a business and personal level.
  • Loss of key executives and employees through layoffs, retirement, or just needing to step out to deal with family or health-related issues.
  • CEOs and Business owners cannot effectively wear multiple hats that were previously being worn by their team.
  • In some cases, dramatic declines in the value of their organization caused by uncertainty, lower revenues and profits, and/or instability in their leadership.
  • Having enough cash and working capital.

​Other organizations are facing unique opportunities and we’re helping them to prepare to acquire, grow, and take advantage of other new opportunities.

We help organizations (from startups to Fortune 1000) by coming in and doing a thorough assessment of issues, needs, and opportunities…and many times we can do this at no cost to you. We then work with you and your team to formulate and implement a path to success.

I work with Jim as an ExecHQ Principal. With Jim’s leadership, the organization is effective and growing. He is creating tremendous value for our combined clients through values, training and commitment to excellence. Good work, and thank you Jim.

Richard Heiniger

Why I started ExecHQ:

I started ExecHQ (at that time known as CEO Solutions Partners) in March 2019. This was about ten months after the death of both my mom and my mother-in-law, and shortly after being able to settle their estates.

2018 was a year when our families were consumed with taking care of these two fine Christian ladies before their passing.  However, at the end of 2018, my earnings for that year were a disappointment for my firm where I had been a Senior Partner for about 5 years.  As many of you know and may have experienced, it is hard to be there and make profits for your organization when family or other more important matters arise.

When I announced my retirement from my former firm in February 2019, it took some by surprise and it angered one individual in particular.

My dream in starting ExecHQ was to create an advisory firm with a family-first environment where our executive advisors:

  • Are entrepreneurial; empowered and given the tools and resources to do what is best for their clients.
  • Are the kind of individuals who are more concerned about listening, learning, identifying issues, and helping people than doing cold calls, handing out four-color brochures, and trying to sell you something you don’t need.
  • Are treated as valued human beings that can openly put their families first.
  • Have unique skills and incredible expertise as high-level executives, with experience in the following roles:​​​​
    • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)​
    • Chief Operating Officers (COOs)
    • Chief Innovation Officers (CInO)
    • Chief Financial Officers (CFO)
    • Chief Information and/or Technology Officers (CIO/CTO)
    • Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs)
    • Chief Strategy Officers (CSOs)
    • Chief Revenue Officers (CROs)
    • Chief Growth Officers (CGOs)
    • And the list goes on…

​Since our beginning in March 2019, we have grown very quickly to about 100 executive consultants in 35+ U.S. States, Canada and India. As of today we have 50+ strategic alliance partner firms and are part of a well-respected alliance that includes another 200+ firms throughout the U.S.

I have worked with Jim for over thirty years. Jim is professional and responsive to his customers. He is diligent in providing quality service. Jim has a broad range of experience as a consultant and CFO. He has helped small businesses who are starting a new enterprise, midsized companies return to profitability, assist in finding bank financing, to taking companies public.

Esperanza Martinez

Occasionally people will ask me about the one angry person. As people search on the internet for our firm or me by name, they usually find that this individual is buying Google Ads to spread false information and derogatory remarks about my family and me. These attacks have been going on since February 2019.

Actually, I would encourage you to click on his ads that take you to his website, read what he is saying about me, and then hear our story. After our numerous attempts in early 2019 to provide evidence showing that his claims were false, my wife and I were finally forced to hire attorneys to defend ourselves. In July 2019, this gentleman backed off from his false claims, and we were able to reach an amicable out-of-court settlement at a nominal cost. On July 5, 2019, the court permanently dismissed his complaint after his company submitted a formal notice to the court that the matter was voluntarily and permanently dismissed on their end.

However, despite what he filed with the court, he continues to attack me and my family as if the matter was never settled. I have forgiven this gentleman for the past false accusations and attacks and for his continuing attacks after the settlement. Please join me in wishing and praying that this gentleman will find help for what troubles him, and peace and blessings for himself and his family. For more information, go to

In our current world where people seem to attack one another…relentlessly making false or misguided accusations…I believe the best solution is to focus on the truth and do what is right. There will always be critics and hecklers along our paths as we try to do the best we can….but I plan to not let them distract us from doing good things and, instead, look for the good in all people (even the critics and the hecklers).

I want to thank all of my current and former partners and business associates who have rallied to my side to encourage and help us build ExecHQ into a great advisory firm…where we continually strive to do great things for our clients and our executive advisors. Thanks always to my wife of 40+ years, my mom Dorothy and mother-in-law Ruth (both of whom have gone on to their rewards), Chloe (our rescue chihuahua), and the rest of our family for their love and encouragement!

Grace and peace!  Jim

Jim is an exceptional visionary with an uncanny capability for efficiency, seamless implementation, and staying focused on the most important strategic priorities. Looking for ways to streamline & automate is native to his expertise; giving him the bandwidth and freedom to keep moving the needle forward. And while his results indicate an extremely high drive, his interpersonal style is warm, curious, flexible, and authentic.

Laura Juarez