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Principal, ExecHQ Alliance
Based in Vancouver, BC
Experienced As:

Chief Value Officer, Chief Strategy Officer

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Innovation Officer

Executive Vice President, President, Board Member, Growth Advisor


Expertise Includes:

  • Board Member
  • Business Consultant/Advisor
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Chief Value Officer
  • Executive Vice President
  • President
    • Board Member
    • Business Consultant/Advisor
    • Chief Innovation Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Chief Strategy Officer
    • Chief Value Officer
    • Executive Vice President
    • President

Jon works with ambitious leaders to position their organizations to succeed and increase their valuation multiple in a remote/hybrid world. He brings his experience in transformation, strategy, value-enhancement and innovation to companies looking to excel. He has been a management consultant, an operational executive, a board member, and trusted advisor to prominent leaders in the United States, Canada, South Africa & other EMEA countries. His experience covers multiple sectors including software, biotechnology, cloud computing, healthcare, telecommunication, public sector, education & technology.

Jon’s areas of expertise include:

  • Business Advisory
  • Business innovation
  • Business Operations
  • Culture Change
  • Digital Transformation
  • Health Services
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Funds
  • Government
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises
  • Mining (except Oil and Gas)
  • Organization Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Process Improvement
  • Remote Workforce
  • IT Services
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Technology Strategies
  • Transforming Vision into Reality
  • Trusts

Jon has been an instrumental part of our organizations strategic planning. He inspires deeper thought and rationalization and has the experience to communicate often complex ideas into simple logical examples and visual stories. A true talent. Before starting with us he knew little about our industry and was able to rapidly get up to speed and understand the key opportunities, constraints and players. He provided insights from the leadership team to support strategic leadership planning and direction as well as key research and data helping us make better decisions about our market. Challenging us on many fronts, and personally working with me to help sharpen my leadership of the business, he is motivating to work with. Focussing on new areas of our business was crucial to our growth, without Jon and the time he spent with us we would not have improved these areas which are now worth millions of recurring dollars. I would highly recommend him to any organization looking to reset or reaffirm their strategy and take themselves to their next level of growth.

Jarrod Levitan, Founder & CEO of Trinimbus - sold to Onica/Rackspace

Jon’s educational background includes:

  • MBA from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands
  • Bachelor of Veterinary Science from Onderstepoort, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • University of Pennsylvania – Positive Psychology: Martin E. P. Seligman’s Visionary Science
  • Gordon Institute of Business Science – Board Governance, Negotiations
  • Potentialife – Peak Performance Program
  • McKinsey&Company – Strategy, consulting and organization training

Jon is a supporter of local animal shelters and community organizations. He lives with his wife, daughter and Border Collie, Reveille, in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Jon’s guidance for my growing business has been invaluable. My staff are more motivated to achieve, his advice has always been practical and instantly impementable, and within months we have seen benefits. With his guidance, I can see my business ambitions being realised in the time frame I had hoped for – and then some!

Dr Anthony Zambelli, Owner at MyVet Veterinary Group