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Julie is an executive-level marketing planner and growth strategist for new to global brands wishing to double and triple sales.

She re-orients the positioning and messaging so that your product or service is presented as the must-have resolution to the targeted clients’ pain. She also researches the client/consumer journey and what will create desired human behavior change (buying your product or service). Companies also greatly benefit from the thinking and strategies learned during Julie’s years as Chief Operations Officer.

Julie is a strategic thinker, highly effective relationship builder, and mentor. Presenter. Collaborator. Smiler. Unless it doesn’t match strategy. Then, no smiles.

Julie’s areas of expertise include:

  • Branding & Positioning
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategic Planning

Ways to work with Julie:

Monthly: Corporations and businesses needing an Interim Chief Marketing Officer – Julie can keep marketing functions going (and improving) while you are in between permanent employees or if your current executive is on parental or medical leave. Available for monthly engagements.

Weekly: Corporations and businesses needing fresh, skilled and honest eyes to review current activities and goals so they can significantly increase revenue. Available for weekly engagements as Strategic Marketing Consultant.

VIP Days: Julie also offers VIP Days as customized experiences for start-up, small and large businesses to review messaging to diagnose and fix revenue problems or simply for businesses to immediately experience a growth in engagement and sales. Review of messaging can include internal communications, company social channels, website and the entire customer journey.

Examples of software proficiency: Microsoft Office Suite and Apple Equivalents, Team Reach, Current Track, Asana, Slack, Clients & Profits, InfusionSoft, ClickFunnels, Leadpages, Drip, Shopify Plus,, Later, Image Relay and SAP.