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Larry is a Principal, ExecHQ Alliance™ and a member of ExecHQ’s™ Executive Team. He has an accomplished record over the past 20 years: 11 years of international operations experience at multi-billion dollar companies including Royal Phillips’ (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) and ActuantMaxima Technologies (NYSE:ATU); and nine years working in several key finance and CFO positions with for-profit and nonprofit companies in the US and Mexico.

Larry has achieved a “Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt” and has used his knowledge and experience with lean manufacturing to drive plant restructurings and related cost savings. He brings a wealth of finance, accounting and international operations expertise to our firm and our clients.

Martinez’s 20 years of experience includes plant management and operations controller experience in Mexico where he managed business synergies across company operations in Mexico, Brazil, China, Europe, Indonesia and Singapore. His experience also includes on-site Lean Six Sigma consulting to clients in Texas, Mexico and China.

Based in El Paso, Texas, Larry is fluent in English and Spanish.

“…Larry is a person of integrity and initiative who can present creative ideas and communicate the benefits to all levels of the organization without reservation.”

Miguel Ortuna, Plant Manager – Premium Sound Solutions – Mexico

Larry has certainly earned the respect of the management team in our company, not only as an expert in his field, but his excellent leadership skills. He is a detail-oriented, highly accessible executive that has a clear understanding of what is needed to help achieve your goals.

Harold Schultz
Director of Operations
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