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Principal, ExecHQ Alliance
Based in Los Angeles, California
Experienced As:


Chief Parent in the Room, Chief Revenue Officer

President, Senior Vice President, Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair

Board Member, Managing Director, Founder

English, Persian (فارسی)

Expertise Includes:

A serial entrepreneur, Majid Abai has a 25+ years track record of founding, leading, operating, and advising high-tech and innovative companies on operational excellence, revenue growth, global expansion, and product innovation.

Previously, Majid has held the following executive positions:

  • Chief Operating Officer – BeamLive, an IoT data and AI firm
  • Chief Operating Officer – Qube Marketing, a digital marketing firm
  • Chief Operating Officer – Roc Trade, a blockchain and crypto Fin-Tech firm
  • Chief Strategy Officer – Apperson, a national educational print and digital firm
  • Chief Executive Officer – MobileBits Corporation (OTCBB: MBIT) – an international provider of a Mobile discounts App
  • Chief Executive Officer – Pringo, Inc. –a venture-backed SaaS social portal software firm
  • Executive VP – Crescent Enterprise – a national IT consulting organization
  • Founder & CEO – Seena Technologies – an information management consulting firm
  • Chief Customer Success Officer – MagnaBid – a health-tech firm

Mr. Abai obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Kean University of New Jersey. Mr. Abai has been a member of fiduciary and advisory boards for several for-profit & non-profit organizations. He coauthored the book Data Strategy, has published several articles, and was an adjunct professor of Information Management at UCLA for nine years.