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Roberts De La Parra

Principal, ExecHQ Alliance
Based in Alameda, California
Experienced As:

Chief Experience Officer


Expertise Includes:

  • Business Consultant/Advisor
  • CEO - Chief Executive Officer
    • Business Consultant/Advisor
    • CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Marie is known as a Leadership and Self-Knowledge Practitioner; Scholar on Thinking and Mental-Fortitude; Bestselling Author and Speaker. Over Marie’s career, she has held a number of significant roles, including:

  • Smart Money Program Partner at the FDIC (2003 to present)
  • Small Business Council Board Member – District 4 San Francisco/Bay area at Cal Trans – State of California Department of Transportation (2003 to 2015)
  • Advisory Board Member – Educational Task Force Member at California Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education Advisory Board (2009 to 2016)
  • Educational Researcher/Advisory Board Member at U.S. EPA EFAB (2014 to 2020)
  • Chief Thought Officer at Wait a Green Minute (2007 to Present)
  • Founder/Board President at Terra Green CDC (2003 to present)
  • Founder/Environmental Developer & Contractor at BMB Construction Properties (2003 to present)
  • Loan Committee Member at Nor-Cal Financial Development Corporation (2008 to present)

Marie holds a BA from UCLA and Northwest University, a MA in Community Development Policy and Practice, and a Doctor of Education from the University of San Francisco.