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Principal, ExecHQ Alliance
Based in Tualatin, Oregon
Experienced As:

CEO, COO, Board Chair

Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President

President, Vice President, Executive Director


Expertise Includes:

Mike is a driven and high energy senior executive adept at “creating value from chaos” by growing and/or turning around failing / nearly failing enterprises, domestically and internationally. First and foremost, he is an exceptional business leader and manager whom employees naturally want to follow, work for and with.

Mike is gifted at seeing the detail in the complex and finding solutions when none are obvious. Adept and highly experienced with organizational transformation, process improvement, capital raise, direct sales and strategic planning. He is proficient at building high performing teams, assisting them in reaching their personal potential, and effectively leading employees through organizational change.

Mike is an exceptional, solutions-centered and forward-thinking leader who leads through periods of unparalleled growth. A lifelong learner who believes that any day where he doesn’t learn something new and important is a wasted day. He is also extremely healthy, fit and staying this way!