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Ramy Rizkana is a Principal in the ExecHQ Alliance™. Ramy has an accomplished record over the past 30 years in senior finance leadership roles in professional services, retail, entertainment and most recently as the CFO for entertainment and design companies in Southern California.

As an entrepreneurial leader, Ramy drives organizational growth and maximizes resources and opportunities for expansion through the finance function.  Ramy sets a vision for organizations, utilizing strong financial management expertise and leverages his communication skills to work collaboratively to build teamwork and develop a plan to solve issues.  His current focus is on helping grow middle market companies.

Ramy’s 30 years of experience includes streamlining processes and data management in finance and controllership.  He has implemented ERP and Business Intelligence solutions, reduced accounting labor costs while maintaining strong controls, optimized pricing proposals, and reduced corporate tax obligations and audit fees.

Ramy holds a BS in Accounting from The University of Akron, and an Executive MBA from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. Ramy is a CPA (license currently inactive) in the State of Ohio.  He resides in Southern California with his wife and adult children.