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Principal, ExecHQ Alliance
Based in Mansfield, Massachusetts
Experienced As:

COO, CEO, Executive Vice President, President

Product Development Executive, Board Chair, Board Vice-Chair

Board Member, Executive Director, Founder


Expertise Includes:

  • Company Culture Development
  • Leadership Training & Development
  • Operational Excellence
  • Process Efficiency
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Company Culture Development
    • Leadership Training & Development
    • Operational Excellence
    • Process Efficiency
    • Supply Chain Management
  • Spearheaded specialty startup business to $100 M revenues.
  • Realized a 200% increase in production capabilities by pioneering two state-of-the-art plant expansions of over 410,000 square feet involving $2M+ capital investments.
  • Retained Arthur Anderson, LLP to assist in selection and installation of a customized $1.5M enterprise resource planning system (ERP), JD Edwards.
  • Saved $3M on overseas storage costs for one client. Acquired and subcontracted facilities globally; performed due diligence on a factory based in Mexico that was successfully integrated into the US company.
  • Reduced cost of goods 20% to 35% for clients by managing supplier and customer relationships.

I found Bob’s passion for his work and the company’s success impressive. Bob’s vast knowledge of leadership, operations, logistics, supply chain and customer service provided the foundation which these companies will be built upon. His negotiating skills were instrumental in finalizing partnerships for both companies and setting the parameters for vendor relationships for future projects. Bob is an accomplished executive who is committed to the success of any endeavor he undertakes.

Donna Kent, Director of Finance and Administration at AE Ventures
  • Developed product lines from concept to consumer, including converting a soap manufacturing operation into a private label boutique brand in only seven months.
  • Established and led a “CEO Entrepreneurial Think Tank” of Synagogue congregational business leaders to identify and pursue recurring revenue streams.
  • Facilitated and implemented CRM system, e-commerce website/product catalog, point of sales system, merchant services processes with XO Logic/XO Lights.
  • Directed the design and implementation of an Employee Professional Development Program and Performance Incentive Plan.
  • Provided coaching, mentoring, and teaching with staffing challenges, training & development, performance management and succession planning.

Bob’s skills at getting everyone on the same page and moving forward with the projects was very impressive. Bob had the ability to get the job done in a timely manner. It was a pleasure working with him and while he was very professional he also had a lighter side that made detailed conversions very easy.

Luther Huffman, Director of Development and Implementation at Treelogic