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Scott is an experienced startup executive with cross-industry expertise spanning corporate formation through sale. He brings a multi-perspective approach to success, drawing from knowledge in entrepreneurship, biotechnology, tissue engineering, biofabrication, communications and software development.

Scott has earned several degrees over the years. He earned a PhD Biomedical Engineering (2009), a PhD Portfolio in Nanotechnology (2009), a MS Biomedical Engineering (2005), and a BSEE, Engineering Honors (1990), all from The University of Texas at Austin.

Scott also studied Programming (C, Assembly, Pascal, Ruby, Python**), PMP/Agile (in process), IoT, AI / Algorithm Development, Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering, and is an AWS certified cloud practitioner.

Awards and Commendations:

  • Awarded for the design of a portable incubator that allows tissue cultures to be shipped globally

  • Awarded first place with a bifurcated business plan enabling the sale of a real-time cancer detection system in both developed and emerging markets

  • Primary investigator of two NSF (Phase 1, Phase 2 SBIR) grants and one NIH / NCI grant (Phase 1 SBIR).

  • Won 20+ awards for innovation

  • Won Austin Technology Incubator Challenge, Idea to Product competition, 2009 with design and business plan around a portable biological sample / tissue transporter.

  • New Venture Creation, first place, asked to enter MOOT Corp competition (now Texas Venture Labs competition) related to a real time cervical cancer detection system

  • Many awards for leadership and training throughout career

  • Developed hardware, software, and algorithms for several computer controlled robot systems

  • Founding Board of Directors, BioAustin

  • New Organ Alliance Advisory Board

  • Vascular Tissue Challenge Roadmapping Chair, Vascular Tissue Challenge Roadmapping Workshop, NASA Ames Research Center, November 9-10, 2016

  • PhD in Biomedical Engineering

  • PhD Portfolio in Nanotechnology

  • Thrust Fellowship

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Founded company, performed all C-level roles until I hired my replacements, then sold the company (Currently in its 27th year of operations).

  • Improved cash flow and customer retention by creating and deploying a reoccurring revenue model and a customer onboarding process that both increased revenue and optimized resource allocation.

  • Grew net sales 61% in recessionary market by organizational efficiency and growing business.

  • Created partnerships and strategic associations with Austin’s emerging biotechnology ecosystem including Austin Health Council, TMDA, Dell Medical School, THBI, UT, State of Texas and others.

  • Directed strategy, research and development of tissue engineering and biofabrication initiatives.

  • Developed the concept and business model around Therapy-as-a-Service (TaaS), bringing off-site centralized automation and scalability to personalized therapy.

  • Primary Investigator of a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase II grant and a National Cancer Institute Phase I SBIR grant (both non-dilutive).

  • Formed for-profit company on the premise of sustainable philanthropy by reducing inefficiencies in effective medical supplies/team deployment through an effective communications and logistics platform.

  • Led development of a real-time secure data system enabling national security agencies and first responder access to chemical and biologic information on an as needed, secure, real time basis.

  • U.S. Patent Number 10,159,765 entitled “Tissue Engineered Devices and Methods for Making Same”.

Scott’s business philosophy is to understand the technology and the market well, and to work smart in achieving market success. Companies often break down walls in moving towards an intended market. If we step back and consider the various paths forward, we can often find a way to sidestep the roadblocks and achieve success faster.

Scott’s areas of expertise include:

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Innovation
  • M&A Experience
  • Project Management
  • Startups
  • Strategic Planning
  • Technology Commercialization

Scott is based in Austin, Texas.