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Do you have a clear vision for your business and brand in 3 years?

Is this vision optimized for the currently changing landscape?

Have you defined actionable growth strategies to get there?

Scott has a track record of successfully delivering growth through new future visions for brands and businesses that are dealing with the new challenges of a changing landscape, or just want a new approach to drive growth. He can help you leverage effective marketing, brand positioning, commercial strategies, differentiating product portfolios, and the power of the latest digital capabilities to deliver accelerated growth for your business.

Scott’s areas of expertise include:

  • Branding & Positioning
  • Business Transition
  • Business Turnaround
  • Change Management
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Customer Experience Management
  • Customer Insights / Voice of Customer
  • Customer Retention
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Transformation
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Innovation
  • International Business
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Organization Design
  • Strategic Planning

It starts with a no cost evaluation process to assess the strength of your business strategy and brand positioning in order to identify gaps and opportunities.

The approach to growth is consumer and customer centric, working first to understand the purpose of your brand or business and the value it uniquely offers. Effective segmentation and journey mapping techniques help us understand your customers and how they currently interact with your business and your category. Then we identify your highest value opportunities and what pain points may be standing in the way of growth.

Scott has over 20 years of experience in executive marketing, business leadership, and C-Suite roles for companies like Procter & Gamble, Visa, Valvoline, and Brokers International. He has successfully driven sustainable growth for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C businesses domestically and internationally across a number of categories including consumer packaged goods, automotive products, financial services, and insurance.

Expertise and Deliverables:

  • Business Vision, Brand Purpose, Equity
    • A Vision of a more profitable future with “where and how to play” choices
    • A clear Purpose for why your brand exists and the unique value it delivers
    • A desired Future Equity with clear points of difference, points of parity, brand tone and character, and executional equities”
  • Consumer and Customer Insights
    • Segmentations with meaningful and actionable separation between segments
    • Journey Maps to guide delivery of exceptional & differentiating experiences
    • Powerful insights to drive equity positioning, product portfolio choices, marketing strategy, and digital strategy and capabilities
  • Actionable Growth Strategies
    • Marketing Strategies & Roadmaps to accelerate short & long term growth
    • Geographic & Category Expansion Strategies to increase your footprint
    • Product Portfolios to differentiate and drive category share
    • Organization Capabilities to deliver sustainable growth over time
  • Digital Strategy, Capabilities and Transformation
    • Digital Strategy and Roadmap to drive exceptional experiences
    • Prioritize Digital Capabilities to address gaps and deliver business value
    • A Waterfall / Agile Approach to manage risk & deliver short & long term value
    • Governance Structure to streamline decision making and manage risk