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Thomas Scuccimarra is a registered investment advisor who specializes in Federal Employee Benefits. He has been a licensed financial advisor and registered representative for over twenty years. As a result of the many licenses he holds he is able to offer his clients a full spectrum of investment solutions to achieve their investment and retirement goals.

Thomas is a retired Naval Officer who spent his career in the field of cryptology. His early experience within the intelligence community provided the basis for the disciplined and analytical approach he brings to any challenges and obstacles set before him.

He has held very senior leadership roles in a diverse field of investment disciplines such as Exchange Traded Funds, ETF’s, Fixed Index and Variable Annuities, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds and fixed income investment vehicles as well as permanent insurance.

As the Head of Distribution for XTF Global Asset Management, Tom distinguished himself within the developing ETF, exchange traded funds, marketplace as a “turn-around” specialist. He employed “out-of –the-box” strategies to win institutional and intermediary sales mandates and developed new channels of distribution within the RIA, broker dealer and institutional communities.

In 2008 GE Asset Management selected Tom as the National Sales Manager to lead their Intermediary distribution efforts. In short order, Tom was able to generate interest in GE within the asset management and insurance industry through his creative marketing campaigns developed to accelerate awareness of GE’s investment experience and proficiency.

Thomas was then selected to head the M&O Marketing Sales Teams as the National Sales Manager where he lead those teams to record sales during the course of his tenure. Now, as an investment advisor he leverages that experience and relationships for the benefits of his clients.

Thomas is an active cyclist and hiker and train with weights daily. An avid reader who has at least two or three books going at the same time. He enjoys New York City’s theater and restaurant scene and hopes to get back to that very soon. Thomas lives with his wife Louise in the greater New York metropolitan area with their Shih Tzu, Koukla. They are currently working on a documentary about Women’s Heart Disease.