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For more than 20 years, Tim has led multiple businesses to prosperity and industry prominence. By analyzing each situation and taking calculated risks, the rewards have been plentiful for his companies and their customers.

Tim is strategic yet tactical; tough yet emotionally sensitive; and decisive yet inclusive-traits that every CEO must possess to be an effective leader. One of Tim’s greatest joys as a CEO is to walk the production floor and have open, candid talks with his employees. It’s their voices that resonate with him as he has striven to improve employee morale, leading to increased production and quality, which in turn leads to greater sales and profits.

Tim’s keen negotiating, team building/leadership and client relationship management skills have been instrumental to his companies’ success. By merging strategic and creative thinking, Tim analyzes current and future business operations and develop innovative tactics to positively impact future revenues, profits, and cost containment.

​Executive Leadership:
Strategic Planning & Execution | Board Governance | Lean Manufacturing | Budgeting
Financial Statement Analysis | Leadership Development | P&L Management | Continuous Improvement | Corporate Turnarounds | High Performance Teams | Customer/Client Relations | KPIs/Dashboards | Supply Chain Management | New Market Development | Mergers & Acquisitions

Professional Attributes:
Passionate | Intuitive | Creative | Persistent | Ethical | Adaptable | Humble

History & Experience:

Throughout Tim’s professional career, he has served in the following significant roles:

1) Principal at his own consulting firm in Dallas, Texas, working with private equity firms and investors on market analysis, company valuations, SWOT analysis and strategic plans (2017 to Present)

2) President of Technicote in Miamisburg Ohio (2016-2017)

3) Chief Operating Officer for Brook & Whittle (2014-2015)

4) President & CEO of Vitex Packaging (2007-2013)

5) President and CEO for York Label (1997-2005)

​Tim has a Bachelors degree in Physics and Oceanography from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA in Corporate Finance from Duke University.

​Tim is based in Dallas, Texas.