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More than two decades of leadership and success as a Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Strategy Consultant. Troy is a C-Suite fractional executive with a proven record of improving revenue, building brands, increasing product/service offers, and creating overall shareholder value. He is riven to maximize P&L via strategic planning and operational performance optimization oversight with both an Emotional Quotient and Intelligence Quotient mindset.


  • Development of strategic objectives and decisions
  • Business transformation
  • Revenue generation and operational efficiency gains
  • Management of complexity and change
  • Leadership development and talent management
  • Return on investments in sales and marketing efforts
  • New product/service development
  • Investment with high impact

Specialties: Business, Strategic Vision, Business Formation and Corporate Leadership

Just as you stay on top of stock or retirement portfolio, so too should you stay on top of ensuring your business is operating at peak performance. Troy has the experience to dissect your business and identify the top market and operational drivers that represent the fastest way to scale your business. After performing an in-depth business assessment, Troy then creates a strategic and actionable plan to develop your business into a consistent, top performer. Whether your goal is to sell your company or scale its overall value, this process achieves that while increasing revenue generation and operational efficiency.