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Yes, our Executive Consultants can work full-time or part-time on an interim basis. Plus, they can work on short-term or long-term projects, or help with other on-demand needs.
Each of our potential clients has issues that vary considerably and needs that are unique to them. The proposed solutions and the related pricing depend on an assessment of the needs and the determination on the level of expertise required. Typically, ExecHQ® conducts preliminary interview where we listen to learn and understand, and ask relevant questions to determine the issues, symptoms, and priorities. Frequently, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization at no cost or obligation to you before presenting a proposal and the related pricing options.
Not at all. ExecHQ® has resources to help any for-profit, non-profit, family business, governmental agency, or other entity regardless of industry. Collectively, our team of Executive Consultants has a very wide array of experience in just about any industry. While we’re extremely well-equipped to help and can generate extraordinary results, expecting to be all things for all clients is unrealistic. If there are organizations that we are not able to serve, we’ll volunteer that right away so it’s known.
ExecHQ® provides services to startups up to Fortune 1,000 corporations. The vast majority of our clients range in size from early-stage companies to those with $250 million in annual revenues.
We believe that every company deserves the right executive. And it’s our mission to improve business performance by providing the services of highly-experienced senior-level executives on an as-need basis. ExecHQ® provides the services of highly-experienced experts on an as-needed basis to immediately impact strategic initiatives and generate results at a fraction of the cost of full-time executives. We fill the gap identified by savvy business owners and CEOs who want to utilize expert, executive-level individuals for emergent situations, short-term assignments, on an interim basis, or for the long-term to drive innovation and help handle particularly complex business challenges. ExecHQ’s executives can help you move your organization to the next level, while you only pay for the expertise you need for the time you need it. No long-term contracts. None of the additional overhead inherent to your full-time employees.
Yes. Presently, ExecHQ® has strategic alliances with nearly 50 prominent North American companies that specialize in technology, wealth management, mergers and acquisitions, complex data analytics/business intelligence, cost reduction strategies, banking and lending, etc. In addition, ExecHQ is part of alliances created by other firms. These strategic alliances and relationships are both American and international in nature, while still other alliances have been formed at a regional and local levels, enabling us to provide an unparalleled range of solutions to our clients, as well as to our executive consultants. In order to best serve our clients, all of these alliances are non-exclusive. That enables us to provide a wide range of vendors, suppliers, and/or solutions to our clients so they can determine which options are the best fit for them and their issues.
As you might expect, most of ExecHQ®’s clients have been affected in a negative way. Soon after the COVID-19 crisis began, we started experiencing a very large increase in the number of requests for interim and fractional (part-time) executives, which are areas where we specialize. Our firm is well-positioned to help clients on an as-needed basis as companies everywhere navigate through the current economic environment and beyond.
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Over the last year, ExecHQ® had an average of 1,200 applications per month from individuals who wanted to join our team. The top 5% - 10% of the individuals who applied were selected for interviews. Interested individuals must have extensive experience in the C-Suite as a CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, etc. (or equivalent experience in organizations that do not use C-Suite job titles). People who are a good fit for ExecHQ have impressive credentials, an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to do what’s best for their families and their clients, uncompromised personal and professional integrity, a high-level of emotional intelligence, and are individuals who strive to listen and learn to understand, ask salient questions, excel at building relationships, and helping others. We are a family-first organization, so our consultants decide if they work full-time or part-time. Although we do expect each consultant to generate a minimum amount of revenue annually.
ExecHQ® is committed to providing a fun, entrepreneurial, family-first environment for our consultants. That means we consider it to be a good situation when our consultants receive job offers to work full-time permanently for a client if they feel it would best serve them and their family. Our goal is to equip and enable our consultants to have the tools and resources to do what’s best for their families and their clients and, as a result, most of our consultants stay with us long-term, however sometimes what’s best means moving on from ExecHQ. Since our inception in Q1 2019, nearly 125 individuals joined the ExecHQ team. Of those, 95 were active in Q3 2020. Almost half of 30 who are no longer active left due to health-related family issues (both pre and post COVID-19) and our prayers go out to them and their families. Roughly, 30% were hired by clients or left to start their own companies. The balance moved on because they decided that consulting wasn’t a good fit for them.