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Take a Seat at our Table

At ExecHQ®, we look to have a fun, entrepreneurial environment where our Professionals (our C-Suite Level Executives) and their families are our #1 priority, and clients are a close second. As such, here are the things that we want to provide to our Professionals:

  • An environment where they own their own business, own their own client relationships, and have the autonomy to decide on their own billing rates, fee structures, services provided to clients, etc. You have the flexibility to do what is best for your family and for your client.
  • A financial structure where our Professionals retain 97% of the revenues from clients and where they receive significant benefits for being part of our team.
  • An organization with the professional camaraderie of like-minded highly-experienced C-Suite Executives for bringing in leads and work to other Professionals in our team.
  • Training and coaching on lead and client acquisition, so our Professionals know tried and true methods for bringing in clients by building trust and relationships. This means no cold calling, no distribution of fancy four-color brochures, no reason to be a pushy salesperson.
  • The opportunity to be a part of the ExecHQ collective, which includes our team of Professionals, over 45 strategic alliance partner firms in North America, and the alliances that ExecHQ has become a part of worldwide. Our partnerships with hundreds of prominent, well-known organizations and firms allow us to provide additional needed resources and services to our clients and help our corporate partners with their clients' needs.

There is Strength (and Benefits) in Numbers

Many of our most successful consultants have worked on their own in the past…hanging their own shingle, doing their own websites and marketing, and often feeling isolated and having an inability to meet the holistic needs of their clients and potential clients. At ExecHQ, you keep 97% of revenues from your clients, and for the 3% that ExecHQ receives, you receive many benefits at no additional cost to you, including:

  • Extensive training and resources internally and certified continuing professional education (CPE) and training through our alliance partners.
  • Professional Liability Insurance provided at no cost for the first 12 months (contact us for details).
  • Core essentials such as business cards, website presence, email hosting, limited IT support, legal templates, best practice guides, 7-day per week live receptionists, and more.
  • Assessment tools that you can use for existing and/or potential clients.
  • World-class intranet to helps you communicate, share and access information and ideas, and collaborate with our Professionals and strategic alliance partner firms.
  • Leads and introductions from our website, LinkedIn, alliance partner firms and other channels.
  • Introductions to, education, and referrals from our alliance member firms that include prominent CPA firms, attorneys, M&A firms, insurance brokers, technology firms, business process outsourcing organizations, cost reduction firms, wealth management firms, and more.
  • Access to a large-group health, dental, and vision insurance plans through UnitedHealthCare.
  • Discounts and perks common among large North American organizations.
  • And more...

Businesses Need Your Experience

Our team consists of senior-level executives who have worked in the C-Suite for many years, where they’ve been integrally involved in leading their own organizations. What sets us apart from many consulting firms is that we don’t hire people directly out of business schools to train them how to be consultants. Instead, we bring in exceptional executives who are extremely experienced, understand the needs, and have the tools to:

  • Develop trust and relationships.
  • Quickly identify issues, problems and opportunities.
  • Develop and communicate organizational and talent strategy.
  • Identify a focused variety of alternative solutions at an affordable price.
  • Work effectively with clients’ management team to implement solutions.
  • Bring in outside resources as needed.
  • Be available if and when the client needs.

Today, more and more businesses recognize their executives don’t always need to be packaged in the form of a “full-time permanent employee.” Instead, can obtain expertise on an as-needed basis at an affordable price through executives who work on an interim, part-time, or per-project basis.

Whether your experience is in organizational strategy, marketing, finance, leadership, talent strategy, operations, or any of the hundreds of other technical skills that C-Suite executives acquire during their careers, we encourage you to consider employing your skills as a member of our team.