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About Baron

A Chief Executive On Demand™ (CEO/COO), board member, advisor, coach and retired Marine Corps Colonel.

 Baron has 39 years of leadership, management, teaching, coaching, and mentoring experience. His professional career spans a diverse spectrum of positions: fighter pilot, instructor, strategist, intelligence officer, professor, commander, and finally, business executive, entrepreneur, board member, and advisor. Baron is a Principal at CEO Solutions Partners offering CEO/COO, corporate governance, strategy and leadership development, business optimization, and executive coaching services. Baron also serves on the Board of Advisors for CanaFarma Corporation. An international company based in New York City, transitioning from private to public ownership in the coming months.   


Baron’s long history of successful business and military leadership positions gives him a unique perspective that blends the best practices of both worlds. A native of Germany, Baron is bilingual (English and German) and holds two Master’s degrees.



Upon retirement from the military in 2007, Baron joined Western Commerce Group as Managing Director. Western Commerce Group is a regional M&A investment banking, private equity, wealth management, and consulting group based in Fort Worth, Texas. In 2008, Baron was asked to join HSC as its COO. HSC is a privately held oil field, industrial, and mining supply, services, and manufacturing company with more than 20 locations nationwide. Baron stayed with HSC until August of 2014, when he founded Vital Strategies Management Consulting. Vital Strategies was an advisory, management consulting, coaching, and keynote speaking firm specializing in helping businesses, financial institutions, leadership teams, and executives improve performance and achieve their goals. Because of his professional engagement as a consultant for ELS, Baron was asked to join their leadership team as CEO in April of 2016. Based in Abilene, Texas, ELS is a sales, distribution, engineering, and service company that has been the premier distributor of the nanoActiv® family of advanced nanoparticle technologies for the oil and gas industry, designed to improve production in new and existing oil and gas wells. 



Baron spent 27 years as a commissioned officer and fighter pilot in the U.S. Marines. He served in numerous command, operational, training, staff, and intelligence positions. These included command of an F/A-18 and KC-130 aircraft group, two graduate level teaching positions (specializing in leadership and ethics, strategic planning, and operational art), a diplomatic and intelligence position (focused on the states of the former Soviet Union and the Balkan region during the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo), an aircraft mishap investigator, and a TOPGUN trained flight and tactics instructor. He also served as one of the Marine Corps’ primary mission planners and strike leaders for Operation Desert Storm, flying the F/A-18 Hornet. 



Baron and his wife Tanya, an award-winning author, live on a small ranch just west of Fort Worth, Texas. They enjoy international travel, activities involving the great outdoors, and spending time with each other and their beloved canine, equine, and feline companions (not to mention a few Belted Galloway beef cattle). Baron and Tanya have three adult children and two grandchildren who are scattered across the globe.



We Believe in Showing, Not Telling

"I have worked with Colonel Baron Lukas on numerous occasions. He has a unique set of qualifications based on his extensive Marine Corps career and his equally impressive C-level business experience. Baron has been there, and understands today's actual battle of leading a business in our volatile, global marketplace. Baron is an exemplary strategist, management consultant and dynamic and inspirational speaker/coach who can achieve exceptional results in a refreshingly direct, no-nonsense manner. He advises senior executive teams in developing strategies, improving processes, and designing a winning leadership team. If you're ready to move from good to great—he is your guy. I highly recommend his services and will continue to use him with BLACKOPS clients.”

Casey Fleming, Chairman & CEO, BLACKOPS Partners Corporation

"Baron is coaching us through establishing a solid foundation and operating procedures for our new company. We have discussed how difficult this process is, but how good it is to build this foundation from the beginning and how fortunate we are to have met Baron early on in our company's life. His strategies are VITAL to any company at any stage of growth. In hindsight, it seems foolish for any company not to follow Baron's management principles."

Dale Rankin, Owner, EnviroLogic Solutions, LLC

"We had the privilege of meeting Baron at a Business Leader Roundtable and knew immediately that we could use his expertise in our business. He's guided us into documenting and streamlining our procedures to aid in our growth as well as educating us on the benefits of strategic planning. We gained so much insight into how our business can benefit and grow with a strong leadership team and core values. I just wish we could have partnered with him sooner."

Tosha Davis, President, Double T Cable Services, Inc.

"Baron recently accepted an invitation to speak at the Business Navigator’s Mergers and Acquisitions Forum in Dallas, which I chair, to address the recent oil pricing war, how it came to be, the long and short-term effects of it and the future of the industry. He also discussed the fundamentals of global supply & demand, US production, the shale revolution, but also incorporated data about the role of the strong US Dollar, geopolitical & demographic influences and even how our national security is affected. Afterwards, he fielded a number of varied questions ranging from present global unrest in some of the oil producing nations, to questions about delaying domestic pipeline construction with very concise knowledgeable answers. Baron is an expert on the global oil-producing machine, how its collective parts work together and against each other, I would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about investing capital in the oil industry to speak with Baron."

Dan Stack, President, Alternative Funding Resources &
Chair, Dallas Business Navigator’s M&A Forum




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