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ExecHQ Partner Programs

The key to ExecHQ’s success is our focus on building and maintaining strong alliances and partnerships.


Referral Partners

ExecHQ Referral Partners introduce ExecHQ to prospective clients or prospective executives who may want to join our team and, in return, receive a referral fee paid to the referrer or to a charity of their choice.  To register or log-in to your partner account, click here.


Strategic Alliance Partner Firms

ExecHQ has strong alliance relationships with over 60 national/international organizations which include M&A firms, CPA firms, Law Firms, Banks and Other Lending institutions, Fintech companies, Wealth Management Firms, Technology & Cyber-Security firms, and other service providers. Beyond this group, we also have many more alliances with local and regional organizations. We want to associate with those organizations who have a common culture and focus on doing what is best for their clients. ExecHQ is also a formal partner in several other U.S.-based alliances, one of which includes 200+ CPA firms and more than 100 business services firms based in the U.S.  Please contact us if you would like to be considered as a Strategic Alliance Partner Firm (SAPF) with ExecHQ.


Private Equity, Venture Capital and Family Offices

ExecHQ’s team of executive advisors includes teams who are focused on meeting the needs for due diligence, value creation, acquisition, and sale support.  We work with these firms/practices, their portfolio companies, and investments to provide as-needed executive-level strategy, execution and support as needed.