Bill Wheeler added as a Principal

PHOENIX - CEO Solutions Partners™ is pleased to announce that Bill Wheeler is now a Principal in the CEO Solutions Alliance™ and a member of CEO Solutions Partners'™ Executive Team.

Speaking on behalf of the firm, its CEO Jim Hoggatt said, "Bill is focused on helping companies reach their full potential and has 30 years of successful Executive Management experience backing him. He trains other executives in the art of hiring and retaining the best people, creating a dynamic work culture/customer experience, and utilizing high-performing management strategies to create and sustain highly profitable companies. His “hands-on” career experience gives him the ability to accurately calculate the operational value of a company. In his career, Bill led two different start-ups, as well as taking over a severely troubled 20-year-old company. Bill has perfected the art of growing profitability through an engaged culture, renowned customer service and streamlined workflow.  His greatest passion is teaching others how to use these methods and strategies to achieve their own success. He uses his design of custom analytics to give companies significant insights above and beyond what is routinely available to competitors. We are pleased to have Bill on our Chief Executives on Demand™ team to provide a wide variety of CxO Solutions™ to our clients."

Bill is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

About Wheeler

Before joining CEO Solutions Partners, Bill served as the CEO/President/COO/Executive VP of three separate Property and Casualty insurance carriers. He took those three companies from an initial combined $14.5 million value to a combined sales price of $97 million. Bill also is currently a partner in El Bronco Insurance Agency, the leading Latino independent insurance agency in Nashville, with premium volumes in excess of $5 million

Bill has extensive experience in product development, corporate culture, customer experience, process speed, analytics and management training. He specializes in growing profitable start-ups and turning around troubled companies. He has extensive experience with designing and creating processing systems that reduce the “time to process” by 50-90% (for most processes) and reduce labor needs by more than 50%.

Bill is a graduate of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a B.S. in Business Management.

More information about Bill

About CEO Solutions Partners

CEO Solutions™ is a consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona that provides CxO Solutions™ (solutions requiring extensive experience as a CFO, CMO, COO, CEO, etc.) for organizations, ranging in size from startups to Fortune 1000 companies, through its Chief Executives on Demand™ consultants. CEO Solutions™ also partners with key corporations and firms that are based in North America (our Strategic Alliance Partner Firms) to provide additional information, advice, products and services to its clients on as-needed basis.

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