Jason Gaskill added as a Principal

PHOENIX - ExecHQ™ is pleased to announce that Jason Gaskill is now a Principal in the ExecHQ Alliance™ and a member of ExecHQ™ Executive Team.

Speaking on behalf of the firm, its CEO Jim Hoggatt said, "Jason is a business development specialist. Jason's professional career is exclusively in business development, primarily in the strategy, planning, and creative operations development spaces of creative agencies and tourism operations. Jason's current consulting work has evolved into freelance business development, and as a dedicated contractor, Jason white-labels his work under a variety of medium-term (1 - 3 year) structures depending on the needs of the client, to generate the outcomes they desire."

About Gaskill

Jason has held several significant roles in his career, including CEO and General Manager at a tourism company based in Oamaru, New Zealand (2013 to 2017). Jason has also held several other roles, including Managing Director of Business Development in New Orleans, LA (2018 to present), Executive Advisor at DGP Capital in the New Orleans area (2019 to present), Director at Provided Consulting Limited in New Zealand (2017 to present), and Director of Business Development at Veratas Holdings Limited in New Zealand (2018 to present).

Jason has a BA in History and Philosophy from Pacific University, a Masters of Public History & History from Victoria University of Wellington, and an MBA in Strategy and Finance from the University of Canterbury.

Jason is based in Nyssa, Oregon in the Boise, Idaho area.

About ExecHQ

ExecHQ™ is a consulting firm based in Phoenix, Arizona that provides CxO Solutions™ (solutions requiring extensive experience as a CFO, CMO, COO, CEO, etc.) for organizations, ranging in size from startups to Fortune 1000 companies, through its Chief Executives on Demand™ consultants. ExecHQ™ also partners with key corporations and firms that are based in North America (our Strategic Alliance Partner Firms) to provide additional information, advice, products and services to its clients on as-needed basis.

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