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About Richard

Experienced Business Advisor Offering Fractional, Interim or Project Based CEO Services. Helping EO's Lead with Confidence and Assisting the CEO & Senior Management Team Achieve Better Results.

Are you the Owner, Founder, CEO, President or Director of a business that would be helped by expert

CEO services as needed?

If so, Richard offers a solution.

Effective, results oriented leadership is essential to the success of any company. The stakes are high. He helps the CEO lead with confidence and assist the CEO and senior management team toward better results.

If other specialized skills are missing in the senior leadership team, Richard can bring specialized, proven executives to the table as needed without hiring full-time.

Specialties Include
Strategic Business Planning, BUCS Analytics, EOS Facilitation, Maestro Planning and Modeling, Risk Management, CEO Advisory, CEO Coaching Interim CEO, Advisory Board, Board of Directors

What Makes Richard Different
Providing leadership help on a fractional, part time or project basis allows you to devote more time to leading and growing the company at a fraction of the cost and with better results.


Richard is based in Kansas City, Missouri.




"Rick's visioning, encouragement and questions provided the critical direction in the story of our young company. He has the rare (almost unheard of) ability to speak fluently to our whole C level team in their engineering, financial and marketing languages. That, alone, brought clarity, eliminated misunderstanding and allowed us to scale at an unheard of rate, while saving us from common missteps. He brought his encyclopedic experience to our start-up struggles, IP strategy and rapid growth issues and opportunities."


- Barry Dean, CEO, Patroness, LLC (Client)


"Rick has been an invaluable advisor to our start-up company. As both an inventor and a successful business executive, Rick is that rare talent that can bridge engineering, product development and intellectual property with savvy business leadership, sales and marketing and operational know-how. His support and advice continue to elevate our business success. Anyone who is fortunate enough to work with Rick will very quickly understand they just won the lottery for their business."


- Peter Knapp, COO, LUCI (Client) 



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