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Brett Hanley

Executive Consultant Spotlight – Brett Hanley, ExecHQ Principal based in the Portland, Oregon area

Brett Hanley

Brett Hanley, working with a global manufacturing company based in the Pacific States region, was able to significantly increase their sales through a three-step process.

  • Phase 1: Creating a Distributor Partnership Program aimed at outlining the guidelines of client’s market platform and defines distributor partner roles, responsibilities, and expectations for distributor engagement. The Distributor Partnership Program is designed to develop a CenterPoint for clients Organization and reward distributor alignment to it. The CenterPoint is a concept of the United States Navy’s Elite flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels. This Concept is especially relevant for global distribution. Every organization needs a CenterPoint – it’s a “north star” that everyone in the organization recognizes and understands. High-performance organizations  use Center Points to maintain alignment, adapt to change and sustain execution at peak levels. The objective of the Distributor Partnership Program is to:
    • Create clarity and clearly define expectations
    • Grow market share and profits
    • Create new business opportunities and further develop existing ones
    • Improve communications
    • Encourage alignment and distributor engagement
    • Reward aligned partners
    • Build relationships
  • Phase 2: Development of a recruitment program. A model of success that has been developed in our clients existing business and adapted for the international market. The recruitment program is aligned with the Distributor Partner Program and is intended to give potential distributors a robust understanding of what it means to be a distributor of the client’s company. Furthermore, the document contains all of the information the client’s new potential distributor will need to put together their own business plan to justify why they are the right choice for client’s brand in their market.
  • Phase 3: Education of international distribution partners, year over year, proves to be one of the most efficient drivers in increased profitability, added value to distribution, and retention/insulation of customers from defection to competition in the international market. By helping educate customers, adding value to your offerings other than just price and product offering, you can maintain profits and increase loyalty even in the event of pricing undercuts from competition or competitive products. Furthermore, adding education programs as a contract level requirement will ensure that there is a mechanism and framework for annual review.  Adding gamification points will help engage distributors in network, fostering competition and expertise within their respective organization. There can also be opportunities integrated throughout the year to gain additional points or recognition bonuses. Most powerfully, through the Education programs offered, clients will be shortening the time, and, reducing the number of people in the communication chain resulting in increased credibility and clarity of messaging. These education programs also actively document organizational tribal knowledge by depositing expertise into an indexed repository of on demand education.

Launching these three phases and getting qualified distributors in the correct categories, territories, and contracts was the final step in the process. Procedures were established to ensure that all three programs worked in unison, client’s employees understood the issues and how the programs resolved these issues and policies were established to support the new programs.

Through the Recruitment, Alignment & Educational programs, Client now had a strong program in place that added complexity to the International distribution chain and support to the value of the company.  Client has been able to increase distributor confidence, support offerings and loyalty while increasing both gross sales and margin.

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