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Executive Consultant Spotlight – Clive Mecham, ExecHQ Principal based in Salt Lake City

Successful Business Turnaround

Clive, working closely with a company in the Rocky Mountain Region (waste management, industrial field services, emergency response and transportation industries) helped them turnaround their management, operations, & business development; resulting in improved profitability. Here are some of Clive’s key accomplishments while working for this single client:

  • Increased/expanded top line targets and resulting revenue by 57% in one year.
  • Successfully implemented Project Management Software to improve project performance and control risks from scope-creep and overruns.
  • Developed a functional management team with a focus on teams, trust, open communications, and results.
  • Identified & assisted with the hiring of key Human Resources, Business Development, Accounting and Operations Management.
  • Assisted with the hiring & coaching of a next generation CEO.
  • Successfully repaired relationships with three key clients.
  • Developed annual & strategic business plans and the related tracking.
  • Developed a sales & backlog forecasting tool to guide hiring and investment decisions.
  • Brought in new clients & new consulting services lines.

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