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Failure is feedback

Thriving Through the Frustration

Failure is feedback

What do I do when I have done my best, and the results are still not evident? There is a powerful presupposition of unconscious mind conditioning (Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP) that states that there is no failure, only feedback. We all can retain all of our learnings from our experiences as we enact and become more and more flexible in our behaviors. What is required is to become more creative and curious so we achieve our outcomes.

The greater your flexibility, the greater leader you become. When you face this question in your own life and business endeavors, here are strategies that work:

  1. Refuse to wallow in self-doubt. Frame the experience as feedback and say to yourself that there is something you have not seen, some knowledge you require, or some alliance you need to make. Know the circumstances are showing you a blind spot that you have had. Your commitment to yourself must be to achieve your goals and strive toward the achievement of your vision. Refrain from wallowing in self-doubt, frame the experience as feedback, and become curious.
  2. Ask yourself: what resources do I have? What relationships can I contact for ideas or assistance? What have I not done that if I did, it would make all the difference? Where have I not shown up 100% that has caused this circumstance? Be courageous with yourself and lessen your pride. Ask for clarity and ideas from the ones you trust, and be willing to receive the feedback to help you break out of your tunnel vision into a new way of expanding your perspective.
  3. Do the inner work. Do an authentic evaluation of your core beliefs, secondary gains, values, and emotions that may be hindering the realization of your goals. Take responsibility. It doesn’t happen to you; it happens from you. You are your reality-generating machine, and you are part of the equation of the reality you are manifesting. Change your limiting beliefs. Conduct a values audit and re-evaluation, and verify that your goals align with your top five values. Commit to learning the skills that make everything work, and commit to traveling your life journey fully-equipped to manage your mind, and therefore the results in your life.
  4. Model the excellence of others. There are many others who have done what you desire to create in your own life and explore how they have accomplished their results. You need to understand the steps that have worked in the past to achieve success. Adapt, become flexible, intertwine your ideas with the ideas of the masters and geniuses of our time, and follow their steps. Never give up until you reach your outcome. At the same time, never dilute yourself and your power by trying to be somebody else. Instead, learn from their abilities and techniques, and employ those in your authentic self-delivery.
  5. Base your outcomes anchored to a higher purpose. You would have unstoppable power and endless energy to achieve your results if they aligned to your highest values. Leave a legacy and make a light footprint on our earth while giving massively.

I have learned so far on this journey that when life does not happen as I expected it would, it is a fertile environment to kick into my highest level of flexibility and possibility. There is rarely an outcome that you cannot achieve. Never give up on the realization of the goal. Find new ways, new paths to create the change you desire, and take massive action. Know as well that there is something higher at work in all of our lives. Ask ultimately that whatever your life expression creates, people are touched and advanced, and you have made the contribution you came here to make.

By Chris Steely