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Time is Money


So frequently, when it comes to filling a position left open by an executive’s departure from an organization, the less expensive internal solution turns out to be the most expensive one – the inherent learning curve is detrimental to sustainable performance. The value added by utilizing highly-experienced experts outside your organization on an as-needed basis who already went through that same learning curve somewhere else, (and at someone else’s expense), by far surpass the expense and opportunity costs associated with the learning curve required of internal personnel.

There are so many areas where as-needed executives can truly help your business. Especially considering they are quite likely to be much more experienced in the business world than a lot of the personnel in your company. That said, they can add exceptional value in a number of areas.

A Different Light

It’s common for CEOs and business owners to run into a wall when it comes to finding the best solutions for their most pressing and difficult challenges.  Seasoned executives who are well-informed and have a wealth of knowledge and experience can offer the fresh perspective you need and the insights required to break through logjams.

This is what the great business thinker, Peter Drucker called a “meaningful outside” – a fresh perspective from the outside looking in.

Entrepreneurial Thinking

One of the most significant factors of successful corporations is their ability to keep entrepreneurial activities alive and well.  The more they behave like businesses that are family-owned, or at least managed in a family-style the more success they’re likely to achieve.

You may be wondering why that’s the case.

A sure-fire way to crush your employees’ capacity to think-outside-the-box is to make sure everything within your organization is completely standardized and the status quo is maintained – no matter what.

That’s the antithesis of the entrepreneurial approach.

Those stifling environments don’t encourage the positive creativity necessary for the “think on your feet” types of actions required when exceptional situations arise – and they will arise.

What Box?

Utilizing highly-experienced experts retained on an interim basis has the wherewithal to determine where and to what level of sophistication a new process should be introduced while existing processes are reviewed, streamlined, or simplified.

Whether it’s from the outside looking in, or thinking-outside-the-box, you’ll benefit from the fresh perspective shared by executives who wondered “what box” was being referred to by some of your personnel.

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